About The MotoBatt Brand And MotoBattBatteries.com

Quality. Innovative. Reliable. Best in class. Premium. Powerful. Just a few of the words used to describe the growing line of MotoBatt sealed-lead-acid AGM replacement batteries. We at MotoBattBatteries.com are proud to offer our customers a battery that not only out performs, but is easy on your pocket book too! Those are not just idle words. We put our money where our mouth is.

The MotoBatt factory warranty is 1 year from date of purchase. We know these batteries will last well beyond 1 year.To that end we determined that every Moto Batt SLA battery purchased through MotoBattBatteries.com will come with a full 2 year replacement warranty. This is an exclusive offer made only to online shoppers of this website. We have elected to double the standard factory warranty period to give you one more reason to experience what we already know--Motobatt's Power Balanced batteries are superior.

If a double-the-industry-average warranty and knockout prices don't impress, how about the extra cold cranking amps (CCA) and amp hours (Ah) stuffed into every battery? That's right, MotoBatt batteries often have up to 25% more capacity compared with their peers. The secret to their power is simple: use more lead. While everyone else skimps on the main ingredient, MotoBatt seeks out the purest form of lead alloy and compresses as much as possible into their battery.

You may have noticed the unique terminal configuration on these yellow gems. The QuadFlex terminal arrangement allows the user to not worry about the positive or negative as each battery has 4 terminals that mount flush from the top, side and front of the battery.  Utilizing this unique environmentally friendly design reduced 184 OEM motorcycle batteries down to just 34 MotoBatt Batteries making life better for everyone! The American Motorcyclist Association has taken notice and named MotoBatt the official battery, charger and tester of AMA Pro Road Racing and AMA Pro Flat Track.

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