Honda Power Sport Batteries

Honda LogoAt Honda, innovation is the rule. Not the exception. For the last sixty years Honda has lead with a standard of excellence especially when it comes to engine and chassis design. With its step-through design and automatic clutch the 50cc four-stroke Honda Super Cub of 1959 was far quieter and convenient to use compared to the standard 2-stroke machines of the day. Today the mighty Gold Wing cruiser and CBR1000RR sport bike offer the latest technologies geared to safety, fuel efficiency and maneuverability. 

When it comes time to replace your Honda OEM power sport battery, MotoBatt batteries have been designed to carry on the tradition of Honda innovation and excellence.  Whether you require a motorcycle battery for one of the fabled rides mentioned above, an ATV battery, motor scooter or personal watercraft replacement battery, MotoBatt will have a sealed AGM battery for your application. These high quality premium motor sport batteries will have your machine out of the driveway and where it belongs: out on the road, trail or water. MotoBatt and Honda are two brands driven by innovation.  They are two names you can trust to deliver day in and day out.

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The MotoBatt Battery Difference

 This yellow battery with its 2 year replacement warranty is unlike any other power sport battery.  MotoBatt uses a far purer form of lead alloy (compared to their competition) and use a lot more of this important ingredient per cell.  By utilizing premium quality components and not cutting corners, the average MotoBatt battery will outperform its competition in head to head challenges.  The unique and patented QuadFlextm terminal design and spacer system has turned the motor sport battery world upside down!  With 4 terminals and various spacers these AGM batteries have reduced 194 Yuasa part numbers to less than 3 dozen.