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  1. Little Boy 750mAh Maintainer Charger

    Little Boy 750mAh Maintainer Charger

    750mAh maintainer 12V charger for MotoBatt sealed lead acid batteries...
  2. Genius Accessory Kit

    Genius 4 Piece Accessory Kit GC007

    Includes alligator clamps, eyelets, 10ft extension and cigarette lighter adapter...
  3. 10Ft Extension Cable

    Genius 10FT Extension Cable GC004

    Extends the reach of your Genius charger by 10 feet...
  4. Genius Cigarette Lighter Connectors

    Genius 12V Male Cigarette Lighter Connector GC003

    A plug-n-play connector for automobiles, SUV's ,motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snowmobile batteries...
  5. G1100 Genius Charger

    G1100 Noco Genius Power Sport Battery Charger

    1100mAh 6V/12V smart charger: can be left connected forever without harming the battery...
  6. Genius Battery Clamps

    Genius Alligator Clamp Connector GC001

    A plug-n-play battery alligator clamps for motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snowmobile batteries...
  7. Genius Ring Connectors

    Genius Ring Terminal Eyelet Connector GC002

    A plug-n-play connector for motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snowmobile batteries...
  8. Battery Tender Plus 12 Volt Charger

    Battery Tender Plus Trickle Charger

    3 Step smart charger: 1250mAh smart battery charger/maintainer...
  9. Noco G3500 Genius Charger

    Genius G3500 Car & Motorcycle Charger

    8 Step smart charger: 3500/800mAh selectable motorcycle battery charger/maintainer...
  10. Noco Genius G750 Charger

    Genius G750 6 and 12 Volt Motorcycle Battery Charger

    5 Step smart charger: 750mAh selectable motorcycle battery charger/maintainer...