MotoBatt Scooter

Motor ScooterMany of the Maxi-scooters today have the look of and power output of small motorcycles.  However, the more traditional motor scooter design still dominates global sales.  There has been a push to move away from two and four-stroke fuel-injected models to the electric scooter in recent years. Regardless which scooter style you have, has your premium replacement sealed AGM battery.  Feel free to use our Scooter Battery Finder or to drill down via the make and model below.


MotoBatt QuadFlex Scooter Batteries

Every MotoBatt scooter battery comes with a full 2 year replacement warranty and will perform better than the OEM.  These batteries will arrive fully charged and ready to use.  There is no filling.  No leaking acid.  No initial charge required.  Just stick it in and go for a ride!  Enjoy the premium quality and advanced AGM QuadFlex design that only MotoBatt batteries can provide.